The St. Afra Monastery was founded in 1205 as an “Augustiner Chorherrenstift”. The local monchs and priests of St. Afra took care of the surrounding villages.


After the reformation the „Fürsten- und Landesschule St. Afra“ was opened in 1543 and remained until 1942 in the former monastery. Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, the father of the German enlightenment, went to school here.


From 1942 – 1992 the Monastery was used for differend purposes. Since 1953 a "College for agriculture" was also situated here.


In 1992 the EVANGELISCHE AKADEMIE MEISSEN - founded  in 1949 - was relocated into these buildings. Since 1999 the „Pastoralkolleg“ is also situated here and since 2001 next to it the new „ Landesgymnasium St. Afra of Saxony“